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Post  rune3 pk3r0 on Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:52 pm

Yo guys some of you may know me on the server and you may not. Well server is offline atm so id figure id make a topic about things you could do to make legacy 525 the best.

1. Add An auto backup. - this will keep players from worrying about havin to do backup. Make the auto backup backup all accounts say mm every 5-10 minutes?

2. All of us here need to chip in some money for a vps. This will attract so much more players and will keep so many. Every time i go home i see people complaining about laggs/dc's But maybe if youd help pich in we could make it not do that.

3. Make 1 main pking spot. Theres scattered pking spots everywhere. Although the main one is easts edge is kinda popular aswell. I think you should code in mb working banking And make magebank more popular than what it is. This would make you get more involved in pking for instance: if your melee pking and you kill your opponent and you get barraged You use your tanking skills to tank it out.

4. Guys this one is simple. Just vote for legacy: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] . Help us get more players and pkers on the server. A server can never have too many players. Also with more votes comes new players and comes new donators to help make our vps better.

5. Code summoning. If you did make magebank a hot spot im sure everyone would bring pack-yaks and brid it up. I mean really who wants to bring a pack-yak to ::Easts knowing when they get low food they can click a tele-tab.

6. Duel arena. Who doesnt love to stake? LOSERS.

7. How about a high-detail client? I'm sure most people would enjoy.

8. Fix the password glitching Or make a ::loadbackup (username) command for regular players.

And finally 9 which i know all of you would support.

9. BANK TABS. [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Yes we all would enjoy this

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