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Sugestion for Legacy 525

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Sugestion for Legacy 525 Empty Sugestion for Legacy 525

Post  strider pks on Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:46 pm

Hello New member of this server, as many little of you know me as Strider pks, (except for the few unlucky people that war'd us at gdz).

Basically, im going to get to the point, i've been noticing MANY flaws in this server, but i see alot of good stuff tho also, so here's my suggestions to take the flaws away.

First of all Pots, Have you Brids noticed how everytime you pot, you get out of combat and there's a wait before u attack again? isn't that annoying?
My idea, make 2 pot drinking/sec like and make pots not move around (i'm pretty sure this has been released on

Home, my idea is that make 1 local pk spot, (most preferily mb), now STOP STOP STOP, all the edge pkers are saying WOW WTF? I DONT WANA GET TB'D everytime i go out?
well think about it, that just add's so much more danger (i noticed he fixed dupes), from kids risking? so wouldn't be fun to have an actual fite, where edge pkers use rune/ags or at max torags, not arma and bandos, because they'll be afraid 2 risk..
Making mb home, also takes away the Rushers, because there not going to stand there with claws, risking.
It also makes it for brids, so now they don't have to brid 2 steps from bank, where theres rushers, and thats how servers form clan (not only good for brids, also for those who like to tank), because there's no point of having clans on a server where every 1 pks at edge/pvp.

make ags 70 spendables/claws 60 spendables/bandos 30 ea/dfs 20/armadyl 40 ea.

Ppl are going to most likely going to flame me on this 1, because they luv there "09" armour, but think about it, these armours are supouse 2 be something u use as a prot item, not a risk item.. and when u have 70 kills for ags.. u have an ags.. ur most likely not going 2 lose it... which adds more fun for people not always wanting maxed risk fights..

I got more ideas, i just can't seem to be able to think of them right now, so i will be updating this, so keep a constant look out for this Smile

Please post your suggestions/comments on my ideas.

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Strider pks,

strider pks
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Sugestion for Legacy 525 Empty Re: Sugestion for Legacy 525

Post  kaylem on Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:51 pm

i like these ideas, i really do.. the only thing is this is more 317 way of the game.. 525's are about noob rushers n shit.. i do like these ideas and i beleive most of them are already in actuon, so good r u brotha!

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